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Something Entirely Different

Once upon a time I had a small bead store, and that is how my blog got the name of Dancing Hand Beads. Although the bead store is all gone, I still have tons of beads in inventory, and I would like to liquidate them. Therefore I have listed a bunch on Etsy, and will continue to do so in the near future. I have reduced prizes on all of them by about 1/3. Here are some that I just listed – click the photo to go directly to the listing:

Black matte AB druks 1

Matte Black “druks” – 4mm – $4 for 2 strands

Nice specialty beads - $4.50

Nice specialty beads – $4.50


Field Trip!

I went shopping today… see what I got?

Lots of Pretty New Toys.

Lots of Pretty New Toys.

I was in need of some Premo! Frost translucent clay, as I had none, and I don’t care for the tint of the regular translucent that Premo! makes. I don’t like to have clay shipped in the summer because I’m afraid that it will get baked in the back of the delivery van. It was time that I paid Lynda Gilcher, of Lynda’s Artistic Haven, a call.

Lynda’s shop is located in the Loveland Artist Studios on Main, in Loveland, Ohio. Loveland is about an hour’s drive from my home in Dayton, Ohio. Lynda has been supplying the Dayton/Cincinnati area’s polymer clay needs for over 10 years. She is a very talented artist and she also sells her own handmade polymer art jewelry at her studio. Check out her work here. I really love what I call her pansies:

lynda's flowers

Pretty, right? She had them in all sorts of lovely colors at her studio. My thanks to Lynda for an afternoon well spent discussing clay. Please check out the links to her web page and photos.

Coming soon: Experiments with the Pardo translucent I bought today.

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Sorry I’ve been so long in posting

But I’ve been busy creating. And also I had a show. So no big and pithy posts today either, but feast your eyes on this buxom beauty until I can get back on the bandwagon.

New Eggs Listed!

I just listed a bunch of polymer clay RhythmEggs, if anyone’s interested.Squig 1.3

Go HERE to check them out!